The SUD AERO Group

The SUD AERO Group manufactures and assembles sub-assemblies for major contractors in the aerospace industry. SUD AERO controls the complete manufacturing process, and can therefore provide a continuous production flow for all its customers.

Founded in 1990 by Serge Assorin, SUD AERO is based in the region north of Toulouse. Since 2012, the Group has been managed by Guillaume Assorin.
As a tier-1 supplier, SUD AERO employs over 140 staff spread across 4 complementary production sites.


SUD AERO growth

Based on a policy of controlled development and healthy financial management, the SUD AERO is pursuing an external growth strategy. In 2017, the Group had a debt ratio of 1.4%, despite significant investments in equipment.


2012 : €14 M
2013 : €16 M
2014 : €17 M
2015 : €20 M
2016 : €30 M

number of employees

2012 : 80 employees
2013 : 100 employees
2014 : 120 employees
2015 : 120 employees
2016 : 140 employees

Customer service
is at the heart of the Group’s strategy

Since its creation more than 25 years ago, SUD AERO has been committed to delivering customer satisfaction. Each day, our experienced teams work to meet our customers’ requirements, driven by the core values of the Group:

As a dynamic, independent company in the aerospace sector, SUD AERO constantly monitors and anticipates technological developments in order to be able to respond to the future needs of aircraft manufacturers. Today, customer service is the priority focus of the Group’s development strategy.