SUD AERO integrates the 4 major professions
relating to the manufacturing of sub-assemblies for the aerospace sector

SUD AERO has developed comprehensive in-house expertise in the production of sub-assemblies, from the purchase of the materials to the delivery of the parts to the customers.

SUD AERO provides more
than 120 special processes

In order to be able to anticipate and respond more efficiently to the needs of contractors in the aerospace sector, the SUD AERO Group masters more than 120 special processes, across its 4 complementary professions.

SUD AERO is organised to meet the requirement of the 3 types of sub-assembly production in the aerospace sector :




SUD AERO has stringent quality policy

The Group is ISO 9001 and EN9100 certified. It also has PART 21G certification.

our number 1 asset

SUD AERO is an independent industrial group, a family-owned SME. The men and women that make up our staff – with all their technical skills and soft skills – are at the very heart of SUD AERO’s activity. The Group’s internal policy gives everyone the opportunity to be actively involved in the daily life of the company.

The selection and recruitment interviews are conducted by experienced staff directly concerned by the recruitment.
Our qualified teams can also be involved in the choice of equipment, on the technical level.

A specific staff training programme has been put in place in relation to our new machines and new technologies in the aerospace sector. This ambitious policy allows SUD AERO Group to maintain a high level of technical expertise across all its professions.