Logistics Department

In order to achieve good OTD and OQD, the SUD AERO Group is developing its mass-production activities by increasing its production capacity.
The implementation of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) indicator enables the Group to optimise its production capacity.

SUD AERO monitors and regulates all the quality, logistics and production functions using the Clipper ERP system.

The number of employees in the Logistics and Quality departments has doubled over the last few years, representing a total of 30 people today.

Materials purchasing

As a qualified materials purchaser, SUD AERO deploys the inward processing procedure for purchases abroad, in collaboration with the customs authorities.
The purchase of materials for the production of aerospace sub-assemblies will represent 30% of turnover in 2018.


SUD AERO is developing its sub-contracting activities beyond special processes.
To accompany its growth, SUD AERO is currently developing a “capacity” sub-contracting offer, to enable companies to outsource their capacity requirements, in peak periods for example.